Ovarian cyst surgery: pros and cons

The ovarian cyst surgery is a special kind of treatment which is recommended by the doctors in the some of the drastic cases, where no other options are open to the patient apart from surgery. When a woman is suffering from serious ovarian cyst issues, her ovary becomes very larger. It becomes larger than three inches. In this case cyst is filled up with a harmful fluid, which affects adversely to the female body.

There are few other factors or issues that welcome the surgery of this cyst. This issue are really unavoidable, so here comes the necessity to operate the cyst from the ovary. The moment you get to know that you are suffering from an ovarian cyst, you need to see a good physician or a Gynaecologist. However, if you see that even after undergoing with proper treatment, you masses in the ovary is not getting smaller then you should take the suggestion of the Gynaecologist for surgery. The fibroids surgery is minor than the cyst surgery. After getting the recommendation from the doctor you should go for the tests, which are required for your treatment. There are various ovarian cysts Pathology centres, where tests are done on the confirmation of the cyst position in your ovary. Most important thing that has to be mentioned here is, you need to go through an ovarian tumor surgery if it is suspected as cancerous by your physician. There is a surgery called Laparoscopic surgery. In this process the surgeon opts for local anaesthesia and performs small incisions by using instrument. This is called Laparoscope. Laprotomy is another procedure of surgery. Here the removal of the cyst is done by making a incision through the wall of you abdomen.


In the emergency cases, when the presence of this cyst causes severe and a chronic pain in the abdomen, any of these two procedures of surgery can be taken. However, for this the surgeon should be aware of the patient’s exact physical condition.

Some important pros and cons of ovarian cyst surgery

If we consider the advantages and the disadvantages of cyst surgery, we will come to know that there are several factors which can be taken as serious note to those who are going through the phase of ovarian cyst. The surgeries are becoming very popular in the foreign countries. With the help of advanced technologies, this surgery is done very smoothly.

  • In the ovarian cyst surgery procedure, as a surgeon makes a pencil-thin hole in the naval area, and another two or three in the nearby area of the main hole, it is absolutely painless in the post operative period. Another advantage of this kind of operation is that, the patient can experience the operation as there is a monitor, which has been set up in front of her. Her she can see the operation, how instruments, illuminators and cameras are being inserted into her abdomen through the holes.2
  • Another great advantage of ovarian cyst surgery is, the patient will not get any large scar in her abdomen. Generally after any large operation, usually the patient get a big scar on her belly by this operation does not create any scars in the abdomen.
  • This surgery is suitable for the type of cysts which has a low risk of cancer and the size of the cyst is not very large.
  • For Laparoscopic surgery, one needs to go through some tests, which is done in the ovarian cysts Pathology These tests are very easy and painless.

Despite there are several plus points of cyst surgery, there are few opinions by some renowned specialists that does not support this ovarian tumor surgery. There are few factors which affects the acceptance of this kind of surgery. The reason behind this disagreement is:

  • There are very few people or the specialists, who are aware of this kind of surgery. So, without knowing the proper procedure, if the tumor surgery is done, then the patient can face various complications in the post operative period.
  • The patient who has gone through the fibroids surgery, the blood vessels might be injured during the surgery.3
  • When the carbon dioxide gas is being pumped in the abdomen, there is high risk of having hypothermia in the patient’s body.

Though there are several advantages and disadvantages of cyst surgery, if the physician prescribes for the cyst surgery, then she needs to understand the importance of this surgery and go for the surgery but that too from a authorised hospital.

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